Update to Elements Author Agreement and Market Author Terms

As an elite author and a full time author for around 11 years here, all I heard time to time are disappointments, in different ways. I’m not that certain yet but sharing millions of our creative hand reviewed items to AI learning models will speed up the revolution of the AI based digital asset creations eventually overtake digital asset selling at all. I feel like we are going to loose our job in the coming near future


That’s what I point too… it speeds up the revolution of AI overtaking our creative careers without even giving a reasonable time for creating up back-ups


It’s a great point… if they can sell our exclusive items in other places, then there can’t be a difference between exclusivity and non-exclusivity there should be one open license where exclusive equal commission should be paid… Am I wrong?


Better look for another job, the era of stock services is over.


Agreed, I have thought about it for 1 month straight and there is 0, and I mean literally NO UPSIDE whatsoever to media assets being ingested into AI LEARNING MODELS for individual authors. Authors can not earn money from this event. All this event does is take our intellectual property (for no compensation) it gets ingested into the AI learning model and learns how to create and replace what we have authored as humans. Where is the upside for a music creator? A designer? a Graphic Artist? A video maker? The answer is so simple:



These AI models are being created to destroy you, your job, and your ability to make profits off of your authored assets. Subscription models were created to destroy your ability to make money selling licenses to customers that want to use your creations. Why did any of you agree to take a massive pay cut? Why did you never ask to see download data for your property being licensed in the subscription model? How can you believe the financial data you receive, when there is no transparaency about what was downloaded and when and by whom?

These AI learning models exist to lower costs and eliminate the need for music licensing (and any stock media licensing) forever. It’s called machine learning computer replacing human work efforts, forever, the goal is to obsolete YOU, by stealing your intellectual property to teach AI how to do what you do.

Where is the up side?


Yet just a hand full of people deleted their portfolio and the rest just accepted the new terms automatically.


According to Envato statements and emailed contracts, they are NOT ingesting everyone’s music into AI Learning models, and if they ever decide to attempt to do that, they will offer an opt out button.

However, I have to believe that some authors in their warped and insane way of thinking will some how, some way believe that there will be a finacial benefit to this catastrophic event. INGESTING MUSIC into AI LEARNING MODELS has one goal: To steal your authored ideas, learn from them, then output similar tracks that are “created” by a computer AI program. The goal is to elimiate your work efforts, replace you, destroy your job and livlihood, make you worthless. Elements and subscription models have similar goals by the way. It’s a power grab, an intellectual property theft on the largest scale imagionable, all to satisfy wall street type investors who could care less about the impacts this will have on humanity, the arts, and jobs.

Tell me how I am wrong? In fact, how can anyone prove that an ingestion has not already happened “behind the scenes” by all of these evil empires? I will listen to other opinions…

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For audio yes but for graphics there was not an opt out option. So even audio contributors by accepting the new terms accepted that they (graphics creators) don’t get an opt out option.

Dear ENVATO and any Envato author from any market,

What is the upside for human authors when an AI Ingestion of our works is executed (without permission nor compensation to human authors) to teach AI Learning models?

Can you explain the long term financial benefits and compensation that authors would/ could receive after OPEN AI, FACEBOOK, MICROSOFT, GOOGLE, NVIDIA, TIK TOK, and AMAZON ingest everyone’s intellectual property (to create AI tracks, designs, photos, videos, etc) without human author consent?

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when u think about it, human beings are responsible for this, indeed … after all, all the most painful, badly paid jobs and so on, keep on existing and are free from all these “job destroying” technologies, when the ones which are more creative , as well as slightly more comfortable in terms of physical pain, tend to be replaced by machines … technology for all these things is of no use and this is what they are being used for, in other words, technology can no longer be associated with progress for humans … otherwise, I assume that u can still feel blessed to have been able to live from this activity and for such a long while , when most of us are very far from this, actually …

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most of the companies and markets are more likely to considering instant profit, the long term vision is nowhere to be seen anymore in this world …

most importantly again, the issue of the sale price ratio is a major one

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well this may be a smart advice but the thing is that it depends on every person’s profile, all the people are not young anymore and so on … and all the people do not have capacity to necessarily do something else , depending on their profile indeed


The lack of updates from Envato is quite embarassing.

Even more embarassing is that you are looking for an AI engineer ( Envato - AI Application Engineer ) and you don’t even tell us that you are planning to implement AI into Placeit that it will become Placeit Do It For You !

B corp? Transparency?
What a joke.


No surprise here! @n2n44 had seen this “Placeit” implementation coming from years ago and warned us about it! :frowning:

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Heres the hilarious thing that Envato and others don’t seem to understand:

If they used STABLE DIFFUSION as a base, they have already ingested the LIAON 5B data set- which had 5.8 billion images initially and was crushed down to about 2 billion.

So no, that doesn’t make them “clear for commercial use” at all. The 2 billion images that make up the backbone of that dataset are not just magically erased

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sometimes u do not need transparency to realize changes that will take place, all u need to do is analyze the situation. The thing that u mentioned, about using placeit and AI is just sort of a logical extension , by the way

I agree with you.

hi I am personally wandering how things go as as far as extended licences are concerned with the AI … Pls correct me if I am wrong, but as for I understand, if someone is buying an extended licence, this is that they want to secure exclusivity, so, if all items are meant for third party selling with the AI?

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