Update theme not available

Good Morning,

i’ve purchased some months ago the theme Josephine for wordpress.
Now i need to update him to solve some issue but i can’t find in my download page. Why?

Go to www.themeforest.net/downloads (assuming you are logged in) and download the theme as you did originally - the version you get will be the most up to date copy.

If it’s “no longer available” and the file has been removed all together then that is different as there is not much that can be done when that happens.

Ok, but i’ve bought this theme, and his future updates…

You buy the item as-is, future updates are not guaranteed. If the file is no longer available, you will still see it in your downloads page, but it will say “Item removed” or similar.

If you don’t see the item at all, then you’re not logged into the correct account.

Oh my god, is true!!! I’ve a second account!!! Thankssssssss

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