update them called "Grandpoza"


I want to update a theme called GrandPoza so that it is newer than version 2019 in order to fit with my existing Word Press, which is version (6.2).
Note: I tried to go back to an older version of Word Press to fit the theme (Grandpoza), but when I go back to the old version, my site crashes.
can you give me a update theme or any solutions?

If the author has not updated since 2019 then it’s safe to think that they have no plans to do so.

Down turning the WP version has risks even if it did work.

You have two options:

  1. Hire a freelancer (make sure they know what they are doing), to update the theme (it needs investigating to determine how big that job is).

  2. Consider changing theme and updating the website in the process (focussing on big authors and themes that are likely to have greater longevity). The one you are using is pretty generic and there are many similar designs from big authors

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I think @charlie4282 has given you the best suggestions and advice. The current theme as noted has not been updated in 4 years, and although it works on the preview, the author is running it on WordPress 5.3.2 which is way behind now.

@ki-themes might be worth checking for their comments/help.

please ask the author.