Update Rejected with Reason not to use T-Shirt Mockup

I want to ask anyone and the GraphicRiver review team

Our Update File was rejected on the grounds that there is no license to print on t-shirts.
Yes, it’s strange that we can’t provide mockups and descriptions related to t-shirts,

very strange, this is just mockup.

please see the email reply from the GraphicRiver review team

hi can u show the file preview pls?

It says from item description/preview and keywords. You may have some images on the preview may be copyrighted

Please evacuate our product link…

You need to remove the T-shirt mockup. It’s confusing as it seems it’s mock-up but it’s logo.
You have the “t-shirt” mockup on your all items. It’s suggested to remove all

Please see our product link here…

Previously published products

We just updated the font, with the same look, but envato has accused us that we can’t use the t-shirt mockup… Obviously the demonstration only mockup is not included in the file…

This is out of topic of our update.

It’s confusing. Remove this part from your logo templates: ( previews )

This is really weird… And I have been using this mockup for a long time for demonstrations, and many logo designers also use such mockups…

I have been using this mockup for almost 3 years and this is the first time I have a problem.

Ah, I don’t know, this is really weird… We have to ask @BenLeong

Almost all esport logo designers use t-shirt or jacket mockups for their presentations.

Whatever the main reason is , you will now have to remove. I don’t understand the point of the approval from the first point but it seems they are doing some clean-up now .

I find it odd and obvious in the license statement that a buyer is allowed to print on a t-shirt and produce it, depending on which license the buyer chooses to pay for.

But I don’t know… What do they mean.

You may need to upload the items to another category if “printing/t-shirt” is your aim

Yes it makes more sense…and it’s the right choice…

but I’m a logo maker, not an illustrator for screen printing t-shirts or t-shirts.

maybe just change the preview image instead.

You have two options, you could choose which one is the best for you :slight_smile:

Yes I will choose one, thank you for your help and your advice, very useful.