Update REFUND process idea!

Hi, we all know that refund is very frustrating.
Why could customers choose or enter whatever reason without checking Envato policy?
We can fix it, this is my idea:

  • You know Envato support page right? Yes, we should build Refund page like that.
  • When user want a refund, they have to choose (or search) their problem in a select box.
  • If they choose a valid reason (ex: theme’s broken, does not run…), show them contact form.
  • If they choose an invalid reason (ex: mistake purchase, do not like it, change their mind, not meet their expect…), STOP them there and tell them it’s not a valid reason to give a refund.
    It’s better for customers to understand Envato’s policy and help author as well.

Old refund: Customers > Author < Envato Policy
New refund: Customers < Envato Policy > Author

What your opinion? Let’s discuss :slight_smile:

@dtbaker @scottwills (sorry for bothering)