Update Queue is not showing in Author Dashboad

I’ve updated one of my template, and the message says “Your update is processed” Then I visited my dashboard sidebar. There’s no section with the details of uploaded item. (did twice no luck)

Can anybody from staff (@KingDog @scottwills ) check my item is still in the update queue?

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any idea? :frowning:

Hi @surjithctly, whatever you updated, it’s showing as “Item Automatically Updated” in the backend. This means that you updated/saved something that you/authors can change/save themselves without having to go through the review queue. Automatic updates would therefore not show in your Author Dashboard. Hope this helps! :thumbsup:

Thanks for the reply scott.

No. That’s not the case I think.

  1. I have not updated the description. Instead I updated the main file (so it should review right?)
  2. The last updated date is still the old one not new (even its auto updated)

I have an open ticket #348544 but no response after 4 days.

It was a critical update, where page hangs. I need that to be live asap. Please ask the concerned person to take it seriously.


Hi @surjithctly! There’s nothing from you in the queue so I suspect you clicked “Save Changes” at the top of the screen instead of “Submit Files for Review” at the bottom of the screen. That’s why nothing is showing for you in the Author Dashboard. You just need to submit your update again and make sure you click “Submit Files for Review” and then check everything went through okay by looking at the Author Dashboard. Good luck! :thumbsup:

@scottwills I’m sure that I clicked the button on the bottom. (because I did it twice)

Also I got the “Processed Message” Not “Saved”

If I clicked the above save button, It will say “Your changes has been saved”.

Any idea?

@scottwills I did it again for you. Still no luck.

For a better understanding, I captured a screencast. Here’s a GIF to see what I’m doing :

Update: I’ve found the reason :slight_smile: I didn’t selected the Main file from the select box :frowning:
However I wonder why it didn’t returned an error? instead it says “Processed”.


Ha.Ha Small Mistake - Lots of Tension :wink:

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@surjithctly No worries! Glad you figured it out! :thumbsup:

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