[Update] Our first template approved


After 1 time hard rejected (lack PSD author permission ticket)
and 2 times soft rejected ( disable some effect/animation) and lack offline documentation .
Our 1st template finally approved.
I’m feel so happy right now!

I’m got about 5-6 magento themes approved by TF (never get rejected msg any time) but in different author and I have never submitted anything by myself so this time I want to startup and creat new author.

  • I’m look for ThemeForest General File Preparation Guidelines and curious about “Licensing” files.
  • And our PSD files was approved 3 weeks ago and became top seller product (added) in a month. But we upload in different author. Do we have to upload all psd files in our magento package when submitting.
    I need to know how to submit template with psd was upload by another author. How to confirmed it with evanto or they will be asking psd author by themself.
    Do I have to attach psd into submit package files.

Thank you so much and kindly looking forward for your response,
Best Regards,

This is our PSD Logancee - Mutilpurpose eCommerce PSD Template [Mod: Link removed - Self promotion]
And this is our demo http://logancee.typostores.com/
We submit about 7 home layout first and will update new home layout every 1 or 2 weeks.
Looking for an advide :smiley: !

Today we have received a email from Evanto which informed that our theme Logancee - Multipurpose Reponsive Magento Theme has been rejected with no details reason. Therefore we send you this email in order to enquiry a feedback in details. Would you please provide us more information about our template’s rejection? Thus we could easily investigate and resolve the problems.
Below are the desciptions our template as well as some attachments for evidence.

  1. About Design.
    I am really confident that our Logancee - Mutilpurpose eCommerce PSD Template is more than enough with Envato requirements for quality and/or policies. Our PSD has been approved for 3 weeks and has become the top sales for 2 weeks straight and has become the best PSD template sellers (added) in this month with 34 sales in 3 weeks.
    (*You can check attachment images.)
    We could provide PSD files as well as the inteallectual right of the template in case of requirement.

  2. About our template code.
    This is first template of this author but we have got a lot of themes have been approved by different authors.
    It take us 4 months in order to develop this core to make it far better than before.

  • Our theme build exactly the same as PSD.
  • Our magento theme was fixed to compatibility with the latest magento security patch which has been updated few days ago.
  • Clean code.
  • No Core Modifications.
  • Full PSD files provided
  • Our admin control panel is powerful with a lot of features as well as functions
  • Our theme got almost perfect score in UX test by Google Pagespeed Insight.
  • Our theme got even higher score than intenso template in https://gtmetrix.com.
  • Our details documentation come with both online and offline version.
  • Our theme passed W3C with not even a error.

Thank you so much and kindly looking forward for your response,
Best Regards,


No you don’t need to include the PSD but you do need to get written confirmation form the PSD author that you have permission to use it.

It looks v nice


Thanks you, how could we get confirmed from PSD author…
Sorry but can you show me where to get “confirmation form”.
I hear we should send ticket to envato but I see there’re no login, anyone can insert author name on TF author fields.
Because both is mine. I guess we shouldn’t separate into 2 author and upload both in 1 author account.
Anyways, thank you very much !!!
Update: I got rejected, hard rejected and not even 1 clear feedback ! :frowning:

Update more info in post 1

[Soft rejected] For some strange reason.

I am the designer for 4 users on TF and It’s always harder for new users to pass the review even if the designs are way better. I pointed this out a long time ago. I think you should resubmit your work and specify in the comment section that this is the coded version of the psd and add a link for the reviewer to see.


Thanks, I thinks so too !
I guess it’s always harder for new author too because I’m really confident that our new magento core is better than the old one ( made by me but submit by another author with 3k+ sales) A LOT.
I’m ready for soft reject but hard reject is just too much I’ve just send ticket to evanto and waiting for 5 more days ( I hope there’re no delay :frowning: )…
Thank you ! Your comment make me feel better!
It would be great if anyone can comment/feedback about our PSD or our theme to improve while waiting evanto’s response !


Thats Hard :frowning: Any Updates?


Thank you!

It’s unbelievable. There’s no answers from reviewer/supporter at all.

I’ve just resubmit 1st time after optimize template and make some change.!

I hope I have better luck this time .


After 1 time hard rejected (lack PSD author permission ticket)
and 2 times soft rejected ( disable some effect/animation) and lack offline documentation .
Our 1st template finally approved.
I’m feel so happy right now!


I feel same for you :slight_smile: Congrats & GLWS!


Thank you, that’s encourage me alot ! :smiley:


Got the same error with my first item: http://grovepixels.com/demo/theprint/
Your item does not provide the necessary design quality to compete in the marketplace at this time. As higher quality designs become available in the marketplace, approval requirements will increase to maintain appropriate marketplace quality.

I think my item is better than some old. And rejected.


Thank you!

In my case, I’ve just update that the reason why our demo got hard rejected was never about our designer/code.

It’s because lack experience in submitting template (first time by myself).

But I’m little shock at that time because how confident and satisfied I am with my own products.

You should asking feedback in forum or from another designer/dev.

Better luck next time :smiley:


grovepixels, your item has some issues, the sidebar is loading on top of the posts. Design wise this is not ready for TF. Work more on the footer , menu and typo.