Update on resubmissions, and ways to avoid common soft-rejection reasons

Hi AJ authors. I have some more information on the changes to our resubmission review times, as this issue has been reported by several people recently in support tickets and forum posts.

What’s changed, and why?

During October we rolled out a new tool that changes the way our Audio reviewers receive items from the queue. This is part of a larger project by our Operations team, who are consolidating some of our review systems.

How has that affected review times?

New Item submission review times are unchanged. However, resubmissions are no longer pushed to the front of the queue - all review items are now assigned the same first-in, first-out priority. If you regularly find your items are being soft-rejected, you are likely to see a longer turnaround time before those items are eventually approved for sale.

You can keep an eye on the average review times for each AudioJungle category here.

How can I avoid review delays?

I know this will sound very obvious to the veterans out there, but the best way to avoid long resubmission times is to increase your chance of getting approved on the first pass :wink:

The most common reasons for soft-rejecting Audio items are all easily preventable technical or item preparation issues. If you regularly find your items are being rejected for these reasons, pay close attention to the Audio Item Preparation and Technical Requirements list.

In particular, we see the following issues regularly occurring:

File format problems

Double check your file format and settings before submitting, especially if you haven’t submitted many tracks recently! Detailed requirements for saving your main files can be found here.

  • All files must be 44.1 kHz 16-Bit stereo.
  • Your file can be in WAV format and/or MP3 format.
  • MP3 files must have a constant bit rate (CBR) of 320 kbps.


Another easy mistake to make, but just as easy to check for. Make sure your preview includes a watermark, and the main files in the ZIP file do not. Our reviewers see a lot of submissions that get this around the wrong way! Full details on our Watermark policy can be found here.

Item titles

If your item is designed for use as an Ident or Logo, make sure the title includes the word “Ident” or “Logo” so customers can find the right item for their needs. That’s the most common Title issue we see (and the easiest to fix), but there are several guidelines to be aware of when naming an item - you can see the full Item Title guidelines here.


I may be wrong, but there are also less obvious reasons for rejecting audio content. Unfortunately, there is no information about them anywhere.

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That’s correct - this definitely isn’t an exhaustive list, but it does cover the majority of soft-rejection notices for AudioJungle submissions. Making sure people check their items for the technical and item submission causes listed above would have a significant impact on the number of items being rejected, for some (relatively) easily prevented reasons.

After these common rejections, a range of different item quality issues can lead to soft rejected items. The context and solution to those will be specific to each item though, so it’s best to check the reviewer notes to see which areas need to be addressed.