Update on an item. need feedback

Hello again, i hope i didn’t break the rules here.
So, recently I made my first item for aj, and I really don’t want it to be rejected hard
Here’s 2 versions of the mix. Am I getting better? People told me to remove the overall harshness (if it’s a word) and mix everything more gently
There’s the first

and the second one

Thanks for attention. Look forward to your advices

as I replied to the other thread

Is much better overall! Like completely better!

But for me you could do these:

Piano sounds a bit like lofi - bad quality (is it good sample library?), and maybe you could remove some 90-150 Hz about 1-2 dB

I would introduce the high strings gently at 0:11, also high and low strings are a bit loud.

there is a bit of string overlap at drop at 0:47, like some strings have lots of delay or something

Claps at 0:47 are a tad loud

You could pan the high strings a bit to the left (like a real orchestra) so to make space in your mix.
Maybe some bells at 0:47 could be panned right a bit

Claps at 1:16-1:17 are loud!

Guitar at 1:18 is loud, and also lo fi (bad quality like pitched down) like the piano, and it has a bit 100-200 Hz loud. It hides the piano (which is the intro element)

at 1:33, don’t use the high strings, bring them 9 bars later on at 1:49

Also bring at 1:49 the guitars rhythmic( from 1:56)

At 2:03, hi hat is loud, also some bells are loud, you should keep in focus the piano

Lastly and most important, the kick also sounds lofi and bad quality. Its very low in volume, and is a bit trancy rather than gentle.

Watch out for the claps they are a bit late, you should make them play sooner as they seem delayed out of sync. Also they are a bit loud!

Instead of turning up the volume of newly introduced instruments on top of your other mix, a good trick is to lower some older instruments, like the strings and piano in this case.

Good luck!

For piano and guitar by lofi I mean, it seems like they have a steep lowpass filter!


Also mastering could be a bit louder and a bit brighter

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Oh my god, you rock, mate. Thanks for the tips, yeah, i guess my libraries aren’t that good, too( but anyway, i know what to do now! Slowly but surely. Thank you very much!

:innocent: Lofi I mean like they have a steep lowpass filter and sounds like mp3!, without highs

You went from one extreme to the other. The first sounds harsh/agressive and very loud. The second sounds too quiet and dull (especially the drums are weak) . You need to find middle between those two versions.

The kick is way too quiet and soft now. Keep the melodic guitar in the 2000-4000 hz area where it was on the first version (yet less agressive than it was). The vibes, the rhythm guitar are peaking too much at the same place in the spectrum to me. The biggest problem is the volume balance between instruments. Your guitars, your bass and vibes are too loud compared to the rest so it don’t really blend. You will need a denser and louder master than that. But to get a good result you need a really good volume balance and clean eq with each instrument his place in the spectrum to peak a bit more than the others. Use saturation, compression, volume automation (MIDI controllers 7,11) and limiting on the instruments tracks if needed for a denser, louder sound, controlling dynamics between notes. Otherwise too loud instruments and notes will make the final limiter work to hard to get a comparable loudness with professionnal masters and it will sound flat and distorted. Try not to get more than occasionnal 3-4 dbs peak compression on your mastering limiter.

I hope it helps! :slight_smile:

Totally agree, for some reason I can hear it now, and got a vision in my head, but just don’t know how to get that sound( i mean, i know, but not so good at production yet. I’ll try to use the tools you suggested, really haven’t used them, except eq and compression on guitars. Hope I’ll get better at this. I really believe it’s just a matter of practice, cause I’m super excited to keep goin. Thank you, friend!

If you are super excited to keep going it’s what it takes to get better and better. I would add be analytic, rigorous and be patient too. It’s a long adventure. This youtube channel is great for mixing: https://www.youtube.com/user/mixbustv .