Update: Envato Elements next steps.

Envato you are driving us away from your marketplace!

Thanks for not adding WordPress themes to envato elements!

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Then just change the name to WORDPRESSFOREST


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They will surely add WordPress and that’s only a matter of time.
If they not, wouldn’t it be an insult to authors of other categories?
“We are adding HTML Templates, Joomla but not WordPress”?

WordPress is coming soon to Elements.
Matter of time.

And also files from other marketplaces too ; VideoHive, CodeCanyon , 3DOcean, & AudioJungle.
It’s only a matter of time too.

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Great analogy

I’m very disturbed by this and I can feel the anger of the ThemeForest Authors. The Elements model makes sense from the perspective of marketing, selling apples and oranges, but not when it comes to selling creative goods/services. This tells me that Envato has no interest in understanding how valueable creative goods are, just in “growth” which they obviously use as the replacement word for profit. If they would know how much skill and time it takes to get good at what you’re at, they wouldn’t sell the items of their Authors for that cheap.

By far the most embarrasing fact to me is that Audiojungle Authors are jumping right in to offer their music to this service. Envato Elements expanding to all the other marketplaces is most likely - again - (and I’m sad to say this once again) a contribution to the race to the bottom. Licenses are already affordable and for gods sake my support is free if anyone has a problem that has to be sorted out. Music licenses at BIG licensing sites do cost WAY more and even other stock markets are selling standard licenses for 2x the Audiojungle Price.

Envato Elements and Author Driven Pricing will hurt the majority of Audiojungle Authors. Please Envato consider your “growth strategy” here. Because Envato really starts to stand for Mass > Class.

To all the other Audiojungle Authors, please value your work and time:


It will be the same way for VideoHive?

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This is a major assumption. Do you have empirical data of any kind to back this up?


5 days ago I made a simple question to envato elements support:
I said: You know that most themes and design elements need to be updated every once in a while for security reasons, design reasons, extra features added, etc. If I subscribe and download a few elements (for just one use/project) , will I still get updates for those downloaded elements even after I cancel my subscription?

I got an answer by Synthia Jacob: Thart’s a very interesting question, let me check and I’ll come back to you.
Next day: no answer.
Following day: I asked again and received an answer: We have not forgotten about your question, I’ll get back to you soon.
Next day: sitll no reply.
Well, I’m still waiting.

Can anyone answer this for me? I warn you, Envato, i’m very persistent person, I’ll try, try and try until I get a straight answer from you!!!

I’m assuming if you would like continued access to new features and updated designs then a subscription should not be cancelled.

I see you leave one important reason for an update behind: security!!! Every day new bugs are discovered, new issues appear and designs must be kept up to date.
When you purchase in envato markets, you keep on getting updates for life, right? .
So basically what you are saying is that if someone subscribes to envato elements and wants to keep updated whatever he downloads so that is not a vulnerable element, that person must pay for life a subcription fee???!!! really??

Reasons for updating a product could be many. let’s suppose somebody buys a theme based in WP and when that person cancels his/her subscription, wordpress updates its software to a new version due to a breach in security (it has happened before) then theme author updates his theme. So, the ex-envato-element user does not get new updates because he cancelled recently and now he has a very vulnerable theme that is totally useless!
Is that how it goes? I just want to know. Problem is Envato does not answer.
You ask them any simple question and they answer right away, you ask them this simple question and they say “we’ll get back to you”

@mirni that is why I recommend you to purchase from author if you want to use theme for long time. Elements are more for “testing” purpose because we had many customers who wanted to “just try” theme and then refund it and “try” another one. So I guess now they can have one month Elements subscription for test and when they decide they will purchase from author directly.

Sure, but they do not claim your downloads at Envato Elements are for testing purposes. You see, the problem here is the secrecy.
The only reason I’m asking them about the updates is to know, not to judge, if they want to stop updating downloads if people unsuscribe, they’re in their right to do it, it’s their site! but they must warn everyone about that!
People should have enough information to decide for themselves what they want or need.
You can not just omit important information and later wash your hands when someone claims for an update at envato elements, you see.
So why is it so hard to leave it clear??? No subscription, no updates!
I’m still waiting for an official answer!!!

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  1. You can use an Envato product as long as you are a subscriber. If you are not a subscriber you can’t use it
  2. If you need support or you don’t want to pay a monthly fee, go to themeforest.
  3. do you really think is fair for a developer to work few months so that is going to be sold for just few cents ?

Hi @mirni - I’ve checked with the Elements team, and this is what they had to say:

  • Authors can (and do!) regularly update their items on Elements with new features or security patches. When you’re an active subscriber, you’re able to download the latest version of the item at any time.
  • If you’ve cancelled your subscription, you will no longer have access to download the item.

It’s worth noting that Envato Elements is unlike Envato Market: Elements provides unlimited access to a large library of hand-picked content, and Elements authors do their best to provide the most secure and updated version of the item at the time of your download. However, to ensure that you have the most recent version of any item, it’s important to keep your subscription active.

If you rely on having access to item updates without a subscription, we recommend finding a suitable item on Envato Market.

Although you may see the same or similar items on both Envato Elements and Market, please keep in mind that they’re different products and work differently. This article in our help center has more detailed information on how Elements works.

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@BenLeong- Thank you, it is the best answer I have received so far and I have been asking for days.
I finally suscribed just to test and I see most elements in envatio elements except for the new ones were last updated a year ago.
The three downloads I have made so far have been a total dissapointment, no updates and lack of documentation. On top I have read contributors are not responsable for support for their own elements, they can answer your questions or not at their own will.
This experiment for me will last just one month :frowning: It is exactly what I was afraid of.

1- That should be explained as clear in Envato Elements, it’s not. If they were clear I would have never had to ask about the updates and the lady who was answering my questions wouldn’t have had to ask herself about it.
2-I know how Envato market works, it is Envato elements what I was asking about. I can decide what I want and chose between the two once I have all doubts solved
3-Why on earth do you want me, a buyer, to judge the fairness or justice of a marketplace I have not created? I can make another question: Do you think it is logical to contribute to Envato Elements if you think you’re working for pennies? Are you actually putting some kind of blame on the subscribers??? If you do not think it is fair, do not sell there, if I do not think it’s worthy I won’t buy there. As simple as that! If you have something to say about the fairness of that program, go tell Envato, not me.

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first of all, I hate Envato Elements, I’m not Envato Elements author, I just wanted to let u know how Envato Elements works.

There are lots of Envato Elements authors that are complaining of very low earnings there and Envato stated very clear in few forum posts that Envato Elements is there only to bring more clients to Themeforest, altought on the long run I think they plan to replace all the markets with Envato Elements altough they are saying clear and loud that Envato Elements is just a helper.

Why Envato didn’t told you this ? I guess because there was someone very busy or very new or they just don’t care …

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@sodasi_web- Yes, I agree.