Update approved but video is not there

I uploaded a video and added the video preview resolution in my latest update for my plugin, Uptown.
It was approved.

I can’t see “Video Preview” button to watch the video and I also can’t see the video file when I edit.

What’s wrong? Was it actually rejected?

An update can accepted or rejected. Check the History Tab to see if it was successfully accepted by the reviewer or rejected. If it was rejected there should be a rejection reason listed.

Or you forgot to add the video ;). In this case just resubmit the update.


I see an “Update Approval” in the history tab, similar with the mail I received 2 hours ago.
I waited thinking it might be a cache problem.

In the edit section I see “Delete Optional Attachments”, which says video preview is there.

This might be a moderation bug or cache validation period of pages is longer than I expect.

Strange. Usually you can see changes instantly after update approval.

I suggest you to wait a bit more time, if the video will not appear you can submit a new update (with the mention to update the video), then if this does not solve the problem you can submit a ticket to Envato Help Team.