Update approved and price of my item decreased ?

Hi everyone,

I just submitted an update to my last item and the price has been changed from 9$ to 8$ when the update has been approved…

I have already Edit my item to ask to get back to the original price.

Something else to do?


Envato is very good at picking prices to ensure items sell.

You might make 6 sales of an $8 item, and only 3 sales of a $9 item, so it works out better in the end.

I’ve earnt more after pricing drops, so it’s not always a bad thing.

Spend the time working on new products rather than worrying about a slight price fluctuation.

Maybe it’s right, but I think they could at least asked the advice from the author no?

If the product is good, 1$ will not change the decision of a potential customer.

It’s my opinion, maybe I’m wrong…

Anyway, thanks for your answer

one of my flyers was priced at 4$. i complained and it was put at the price it should of been $6. so, you may think they know better but this is not always the case. @Madeon08 i would email support. i bet it gets put back to the original price. how can you say a 9$ item will sell better at 8$ its ridiculous . @dtbaker you need to be a bit more objective and not always defending Envato blindly. they are making mistakes left, right and center latley

Price is already back to 9$ after to have edit my item. Thanks to the reviewer.

@solowork Thanks for your feedback and I’m in the same vision than yours :wink:

i had to mail support cos back then you couldn’t edit price but for you it was an easy fix :wink: