Upbeat Indie Pop Energetic Drums - What do you use?

Hi everyone!

I am fairly new to composition and I love the energetic drum sounds found on some of the best selling high energy tracks…:

Can anyone recommend a good virtual kit, sound pack or VST to create these energetic drum sounds? It’s not really a kit in the vein of Toontrack EZDrummer, as far as I can hear anyway. These tracks are so aspirational and I’d love to create music like this!



Nothing :frowning_face:

Hi There,
I’m new to this style too and would love to know what people are using to get that sound. Been doing some research of my own and found the DrumMic’a! VST by Sennheiser sounds great for a commercial Indie Pop Rock style. (Just needs some additional layered hand claps and stomps to get that corporate vibe). Best of all it’s 100% free and sounds great!

You can’t find a good kit drums in one instrument. In tracks you refer to there is a compilation of good quality one shots, kits, and loops. It requires long search, analyzing, mixing, layering etc. That’s why these track are good selling. About the percussion in second track, it’s mostly “That Sound - Drumline Deluxe Version”