Up and Running with Craft CMS - Mcrypt extension required??

Hey guys I’m following the Up and Running with Craft CMS course by @kezzbracey
but I haven’t got very far before hitting a problem I’m struggling to fix.

I’m near the end of 2.2 Installing Craft CMS and trying to run the installer but when I go to http://localhost:8888/index.php/admin I’m getting this message.

Can’t run Craft CMS :frowning:
Your server doesn’t meet the following requirements to run Craft CMS:

The Mcrypt extension is required.
Please talk to your host/IT department about upgrading your server.

From what I’ve read the Mcrypt extension should have been installed with MAMP. I followed all the instructions so not sure where I’m going wrong.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Thank you!


After some more reading it turns out Mcrypt has been removed from PHP 7.2. I selected a previous php version in the MAMP preferences and it’s working now. Any idea if this will be a problem during deployment too? If so how is this fixed in Craft?