Unyson Framework theme authors

Hi fellow authors,
I am going switch to Unyson Framework for its lightweight & feature customization possibility.
I really like the structure how it is organized between controllers & view.

However I see just a few authors are using this.
I wonder if I should switch to it.

Someone that create themes base on Unyson can share your experience?
May we get soft reject because of any issues related to Unyson?
Any notices & advice will be very appreciated.

@ThemeFuse: you are the team behind the Unyson Framework and also an author here, can you share any tips to utilize your framework at its best?

@JamiGibbs @ThemeBeans as reviewers, can I ask you guys some below questions, is it allowed?:
Based on the Unyson framework structure, can we create a new customized core plugin by our own?
We’re just concerned if users activate our customized Unyson plugin and install Original Unyson Framework, it will conflict each others. Therefore we will change all prefixes and make it our core (like what Avava did with redux), is it allowed?

Thank you very much!

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Good choice switching to Unyson. We didn’t encounter major issues and all our latest themes are built on the Unyson framework. The only problem you’ll have is that the review queues are crazy, 2 months or so. Actually, we waited more than 3 months on one of our themes. That’s just nuts :), they really need to do something about this. And if you also get 1-2 soft rejects add another 2 weeks or so.

About authors using Unyson, there are around 100 themes currently approved that use the Unyson framework: https://themeforest.net/search?utf8=✓&term=unyson&referrer=search&view=grid

Regarding the best practices, follow the developer manual http://manual.unyson.io/en/latest/ and get in touch with our guys on our git account if you encounter any issues or have any questions: https://github.com/ThemeFuse/Unyson

Hope this help. Best of luck.


Thank you, so I will continue to work with it and hope we can contribute some of our effort to enlarge the Unyson community.
Yep, 3 months is absolutely crazy. You’re at lv11 and still get that long time queue? unbelievable! thought it should be around 38days as stated on http://quality.market.envato.com/themeforest

Well maybe they aim to that, but the reality is different. Maybe in some cases is 38 days, don’t know.
Haha, we just got a soft reject on our latest submission, you should see the 1st review on design. LOL :slight_smile: they have some great designers here that can help with the review process and they seem to hire total beginners (or programmers).

Anyway, good luck to you :slight_smile:

@ThemeFuse: I’ve been using Unyson for a while and met some issues regarding the requirement for demo import.
It requires mySQL 5.7 while most buyers hosting configuration is using mySQL 5.5.3x…
In most cases we have to support them to import manually.

Did you happen to have a solution for this?
Thank you!

Looking for someone to collaborate with me in building a theme using the Unyson framework. Anybody? please send me a PM so we can discuss. Thanks.