Unusual sign in attempt prevented

I got this email from Envato 2 times today and it says: "We have prevented an unusual sign in attempt on your Envato account. This may have been because you’re signing in from a new location or from a different device. Please review the sign in details below: "

I’ve changed password but wanted to know is this happening to some of you? Every time it was IP address from Netherlands (not my country and definitely not me). Is this hacking attempt? Should I contact Support?

Past day there were some guys with login problems (quite many in the same time) writing here in forums. So there is a possibility of hacking attempts…

What can be done in that situation except changing password few times a day? :confused:

If this happens to me, I would sure contact the support ASAP. There’s a special category in contact forms for this kind of issues. Finally nothing else then have a strong password ans support request wouldn’t help :wink:

Thanks. I’ll do that.

Same here…i got the same email just a few minutes ago and i contact envato support team . I am waiting now for there response( of course i have changed my password).

Hi friend, sorry for your issue ; I hope it gets solved ASAP.
I know I will be stating the obvious ; but make it sure that you’re using a paid AntiVirus/Protection program , and also use a password that uses crazy characters (use characters that can only be typed with some key combinations, for example characters like “¥”, “¤”, “Å” , “ò” , ““” , “º” cannot be typed with a single key and thus harden the job of automated programs) and that’s at least 70-80 characters long.

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