Unusual number of refund requests

Hello, colleagues.

Have you experienced an unusually high number of refund requests this month?

What would you do if you received a refund request like this: “The theme isn’t working properly for our purposes and we need a refund. We purchased this 1 hour ago.” (The theme was downloaded.)

The second common scenario is when customers provide false reasons to request a refund, often 2-4 months after their purchase. They might even give a one-star review to pressure us into granting a refund.

What actions would you take, and what recommendations could you offer for handling such situations?

You should check Refund Policy for Customers | ThemeForest before deciding it.

You can contact author support and report their review with the evidence.

You can, you should reject the request. It’s buyers responsibility to find the item for their purposes

You can contact Envato support for removal of the comments, if this is the case.

Be helpful. Try to find if there’s a problem with the item. If they are just complaining about for the refund, you can reject the offer and tell them due to the item is downloaded, you’re not gonna accept the refund