Unsold and hidden by SEO

Recently I have some concerns with videohive working.
I have recorded below.
(01) Some days before 31 January 2023 I did some work on Ramadan and it was approved for sale, I have given below some step by step details.

I make a motion graphics with Azan,

Its url :[link removed]

No audio found on Audio Jungle for this.

In another way I completed the task with an Islamic audio

I uploaded it on YouTube to promote it, and got a lot of negative and angry comments about my work with audio.

I have deleted the work from YouTube

Upload to video hive in motion graphics category without audio

Video hive was approved to sell it after some time

Its URL : [link removed]
#I upload Azan clips separately and all are approved for sale.

I think my work has stopped selling since then.

I think some radical fanatic SEO has hidden my work and profile.

(02) My last sale was 2 months ago. This has never happened to me.
I am doing quality work. And tagged and described correctly.

Please explore my topic and encourage me to do more.

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