Unlock Author level 10 Badge!



Today is a great day. We received the Author level 10 badge! :smile_cat: and newest item have just approved <3
Thanks for Envato team
Thanks for our customer who buy our items
Good luck for all community members! :wink: :wine_glass:


Congrats man. I love your theme :slight_smile:


Awesome! Keep it up :smiley:


Congratulations! :smiley:


Your work is awesome, the launching time is low that is why you achieved this status quickly. I am hopeful that you get the next badge very soon but one suggestion, please improve your support because the old products have low ratings which is not good for your future. A brotherly advice. One little question, how many team members you have who work on Opal_WP themes?


Great work bro and good luck for others