Unlimited Plan questions

Hello there if i buy the unlimited i can download any music, video, transition wordpress themes etc from here?

From https://elements.envato.com/ NOT websites like themeforest, audiojungle, videohive etc.

You must be subscribed when you complete projects using files that you download. You can’t stockpile items for use once you unsubscribe

what should i pay so i can have unlimited downloads in audio, in video transitions, in FCPX titles ? Thank you a lot.

There’s FCP file son elements https://elements.envato.com/video-templates/compatible-with-final-cut-pro but other than this there are no options for unlimited subscriptions.

Just to reiterate you have to be subscribed when completing project using items downloaded

i don’t understand really

https://elements.envato.com/video-templates/compatible-with-final-cut-pro are part of the subscription but not from https://videohive.net/

You can download unlimited files from elements but you have to have an active subscription when using the item.

For example, there are 641 video templates compatible with Final Cut Pro, so you could download all of them as long as you are subscribed when using them. You can’t download all 641 then unsubscribe to use them in the future when you want

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