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Long time user here, I recently decided to possibly sign up for unlimited downloads. My questions are as followed bellow.

As soon as I sign up for unlimited downloads how quickly will I be able to download those files for that stated $15 a month subscription?

I know it says unlimited downloads, Is that include all envato products such as graphics, templates, video files etc?

I am sorry if this is duplicate thread to any out there.

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  1. it’s downloads from www.elements.envato.com NOT the main marketplaces. Some files are on both, some are exclusive.

  2. It’s only $15 if you sign up for the year and pay for 12 months. Then $15 is equivocal monthly cost. If you sign up one month at a time then it is around $33

  3. You can download straight away (fair use) but bear in mind that you need to be subscribed when finishing any project containing items. You cannot just sign up for one month, download a ton of files, and stockpile these for future use once you have unsubscribed.

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So let me make sure I have this correct. I pay for a year up front per say, I downloaded lets say 30 files and I cancel my membership for that one year that I have paid to make sure I do not get charged after that one year it becomes an issue?

You can either:

  1. pay for an annual subscription (approx $180) and you can continue to download items for 12 months.

You must cancel before 12 months is up to prevent being charged again.

Any projects you want to use items need to be finished within that 12 month period then you can continue to use that project even after unsubscribing. You cannot create new projects using items once unsubscribed

  1. Alternatively you can subscribe one month at a time (approx $33 per month). Same rules apply about completing projects whilst subscribed and not creating new projects once unsubscribed.
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Oh okay cool, I just wanted to make sure. I can download 100 files upload them to my social media within that 1 month period and still be good.