Unlimited downloads highlited button

Envato has added a button named Unlimited downloads to the main category menu and to the sub menus as well… This may drive a huge traffic from the marketplace to the elements… don’t you guys think that our sales will drop at-least into half ?


Sad. This suggests that Envato Market is unlikely to develop. Elements priority, Envato Market is apparently used for the final transition of clients and authors to the Elements platform.
Looking at Envato Market, where there are 101 “Elements” buttons, everything is clear.

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I wonder why I’m even selling here when my shop is full of advertisements/promotional ads for another market.


This is not good idea.

Envato market now moving towards Elements. Many authors already moved to other marketplaces for low sales. There is already a banner on top more than that they added Element button on the menu. This will divert many traffic. Already element diverted huge traffic. This is a bad idea.

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Hello @Hasan_Sumon, what marketplaces or funnels you can recommend? You can DM me

Thank you!

@anchor_point_heshan according my research Elements aggressive banner usually eats around 30-40% of sales.

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This is the only marketplace for me that supports payoneer and has a considerable traffic for now… and this is my life living full time earning… I started this on 2012… an elite author now… why do they do things like this without any sensitive manner… don’t they think that we are also humans

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We are just small cogs in a big business worth millions of dollars.

You risk a lot when you rely your full time earning on only one marketplace.

If they decided close GR tomorrow they will do it without asking you or me.

It is better to diversify until you will wake up in one beautiful morning with a message like this one