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Hi! I just need to know better what is included in the package of “Millions of Creative Assets.
Unlimited Downloads.” Also Wordpress Themes & Templates?

Thank you!

Hi, I’m curious too - I just signed up with the Unlimited Download offer from Envato but when I go to collect the assets I want to download it asks me for payment at checkout.

Did I misunderstand something? Please help. We’d also like to utilize all of the access to assets offered in the Envato Marketplace - Your comment goes a long way!

@jannetto if it’s on here, then it’s included in your subscription… https://elements.envato.com/ (yes, Wordpress Themes and Templates are available).

@goldenvideos1 here are no subscriptions available for the Envato Marketplaces, they’re only available as paid individual downloads. Some items that you’ll find on the marketplaces are available on Elements, but not all.

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Yes, only 4-5% of the items. Available by subscription! :smile: All other items of 95-96% (https://themeforest.net) are on the Envato market, which are purchased under license. (1 purchase = 1 license).

@jannetto @goldenvideos1 This is for you to clarify! :wink:
Good luck!

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