Unlimited download thief

I just found someone who has stolen over 4k of my images and are selling them as if they were their own!!! :rage: That’s the biggest problem with the “unlimited download” model. Hoping I can get the other stock photo website to remove them. He has sold over 2k downloads.


:hushed::hushed::hushed: sold over 2K downloads? Give me the link, and let’s report them.

I’ve contacted the website. (FreePik Premium) The first thing they have asked for is screenshots of my images under my name showing I had posted them for sale first. Unfortunately, because I originally sold on Twenty20 and it is now gone, I’m not sure how I can prove it. I’m hoping Envato can help me prove they are mine.


Try https://archive.org/ and see if you can get a screenshot of your old profile!


So sorry to hear that Marg.
I had similar issue with my mockups. Found them on other platforms. Took weeks to remove it. I also found people advertising on social media some deals with big pack of mockups on google drive for a cheap price, and one of my mockups were there. It is really difficult to keep track of who is using our work.

Also, I heard about designers using a platform called NOHAT to share one account and pay less for subscriptions here. It means that hundreds of people are using only one subscription here at elements to download our stuff on this nohat platform.

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I have screenshots but there are no dates on them. Twenty20 didn’t show an “upload date” unless you were using the apple app and I was using my desktop.

His entire account of over 4000 images are ALL mine and I can see he’s making sales. I still haven’t heard back from FreePix and it is so frustrating. I can’t see a way to report/flag individual images or even the account.


Normally every image taken on a camera or a phone will have exif data associated with the image.

Send me a DM with the link to the site URL concerned x


Will do! I know on my newer camera I have the embedded watermark with my name turned on.

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See your messages and screenshots - I would be surprised if you did not have a cause for legal action against them and the company concerned.

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Yes, I agree. Every photo has an EXIF file. Just take screenshots of some of your photos marg and send them to them

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I’ve submitted screenshots of 19 images that I uploaded to Envato after Nov 2022 that he has on his account. I’m hoping that is enough proof for them to take this seriously. I also sent a screenshot that all the images I’ve taken in the past 3-4 years have my name embedded in the metadata also.

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That’s why we asked many times to limit number of downloads per user


hello I really understand your situation. I found the same problem with my music.

A lot of my tracks has been stolen too and they sell my music and earning money…These guys released it on spotifyy, applemusic and other platforms and resell my music + they also send strikes/claims on youtube to my customers.

On the other hand i started co-operate with youtube support team, spotify, applemusic and they helped me remove all the stolen content. You should report it to DCMA they will assist you.

No worries just start the process

I’m so sorry to hear that! Thank you for your feedback. I will look into the DCMA.

What genre of music were stolen?

Have you ever visit Etsy?
Some guys sell a huge pack of 1000 stolen flyers for $8.
Thats the problem of unlimited downloads by Elements.

Yes, I have experienced something similar and it is very difficult to report and eliminate it, related to that we have to provide detailed evidence about our work that was stolen by them, what is even more difficult is that we have to wait several days or even more than 1 week to get an answer, hopefully that will be possible. envato reference how to reduce that case.

My suggestion is that every time we create a work, we should include detailed copyright data in our files. We can fill it in in the FILE INFO field if you are an Adobe software user. In fact, all of this can be filled in with a helper application.

I have my camera set to include a embedded watermark in each image. I’ve sent them that proof as well but the account has still not been removed.

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Your steps are correct, you just need to follow up your message, if necessary include a link as your Envato author in the message and show that you uploaded it earlier than the hijacker.

Hopefully you get your rights.