Unknown Charge

We’ve had an unexpected charge show up randomly in our statements. As far as I know, nothing was purchased and we’re not currently signed up to any active subscriptions.

I’ve tried emailing 2 different email addresses ( elements@help.envato.com and sales@envato.com) but haven’t received a response.

What is the best way to contact Envato about this?


Hi @hotsourceio,

Please open a Support Ticket via Envato Elements Help and Support. They will be happy to help. Thanks!


Great, done! Not sure how I missed this form before (and I was looking for one before I posted here :sweat_smile:), thanks!


I went through the same issue yesterday… Sent an email to support team but got no idea when they’re gonna reply and what’s goinon with this… I’ve been charged for almost a 1 year subscription… !

they will reply as quickly they can (hope within 3 business days). please keep patience.

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They Did and the issue has been resolved.
So quick to be honest and totally helpful. I do appreciate Envato support. :hugs: