Universal Resume Rejected

It’s a minimal resume website template for print, PDF, mobile, and desktop.

Why it’s made?

I couldn’t find any formal or professional resume (CV) website with good typography, that is optimized for print, pdf, and mobile. Also, researching what recruiters want, my priorities were fast scanning time and all content to fit on one page.


Letter Size Demo: https://universal-resume.netlify.com/
A4 Size Demo: https://universal-resume-a4.netlify.com/
Multiple Pages Demo: https://universal-resume-pages.netlify.com/
Mobile Demo: https://www.responsinator.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Funiversal-resume-pages.netlify.com%2F

How to print or save it as PDF?
Right-click → Print.

Here’s short but complete documentation: https://universal-resume-docs.netlify.com/

Why it’s rejected?

Is it rejected for being too basic? Well, that is the whole point of this product. The proportions are the same on paper and screen, and its a real resume.

In April, SwiftCV was “product of the day” on ProductHunt with similar concepts (https://www.producthunt.com/posts/swiftcv demo: https://app.swiftcv.com/@/batman). But, its PDF is only an image without selectable text which is a big “no” according to recruiters; desktop version is too small (because of viewing distance, baseline device density for laptop and desktop is 125dpi and 160dpi); not enough content fit on one page; and so on. It’s clear that people want this and there is no complete solution yet.

I’m really interested in your feedback. Say I’m crazy or something :slight_smile:


Probably is that, the design is too basic and doesn’t has any commercial use for it’s own.

On the CV/Resume category most of the templates/themes include features like: About, contact me, works/portfolio (video and images), blog and a lot more of features. In a few words, they are more interactive.

With all respect, what you did can be use just for a small part of the CV, for example the “Download in PDF or DOC” format http://prntscr.com/o3zl15 and then you open your design with the automatic print event (ctrl+p).

I think the purpose of a Web CV is the user will see your portfolio (check the quality in images or video) and could contact you directly if interested. Just a few people will click the download CV button.

Hope you this information may help you!

All the best!

My intentions are to make a real formal resume that has the same proportions on paper and screen. The one that recruiters love. What you are describing is more for a portfolio, which is ok to have, but this template is typography based, simple, minimal, formal, printable on one page, and more suitable for most people. The concept is proven by the popularity of SwiftCV .

For their reasons, you’re probably right — too basic and generic (which I want from a resume). It’s a strange and unfamiliar area to make a choice.

Thanks for reading this and for your reply. It’s always helpful.