United States sales deduction

Hi all!

A couple or three days ago I sold a package of 35 dollars and I noticed that I took 14.21 for that sale, which apparently came from the United States.
I thought it was a bit too much considering that I’m the exclusive author, since they are almost 5 dollars less in deduction. Is this correct?
Thanks in advance

Use the calculator, “Set Your Price (US$) / How much of this will I earn?(blue)”.

Thanks for your reply.
I already used it, that’s why I ask this question.
I just wanted to get an idea of whether that deduction is valid.

Hi @Realitybeats

You have received some less because you have to pay a TAX for US sales.
So, your earning will be: (35-Buyer fee) - TAX = … then around 65% according to your All earnings position.


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