unique Item Rejected



I have uploaded a very unique Blog Homepage PSD template. Which is rejected and decliend re-submit. they have not given reason of why and what is wrong with it but they just ask me to checkout in forum.

can anyone Please help me look into my PSD templates and guide me what is wrong with it?

Thanks for your help in advance


Upload your project’s preview images here. So you can get some guidance.


Drive school PSD Hard Rejected, Need Help

Please find attached first homepage


in my opinion it’s too cramped, layout not seems right for me. main header title too long and cramped, color combination looks good, font good too,


What should I change?


the layout style, too many overlap DIV


Seems like a lot going on for one page, and like it would work better to simplify things and create different variations to split styles up rather than trying to squash them all onto one page

What do other pages look like? Are there other home pages? What do post pages etc. look like?


There will be different homepage version and inner pages with this. right now I have just uploaded two homepage. other pages are in progress. they have hard rejected 2 times.


its a PSD only not HTML and envato not allow DIV overlapping as well? but they have given reason that this is not unique product its already there in our market place. but how come they say because this is totally new layout and you cant find it on envato or anywhere else.

I dont know how envato review system works…!!!


You can’t submit half finished items - it’s a waste of reviewers time and a great way to get your account blocked as you are not allowed to resubmit previously hard rejected items


keep trying, don’t give up. because the reviewer is a human, maybe sometimes they’re s*ck. but your item based on your screenshot not good enough. try to make more high quality item. learn more about 5 points on design: proximity, white space, alignment, contrast and repetition.