Unique creative coding jobs for a experienced full-stack WP-WooC developer-programmer

Hello, dear brothers - real professional programmers!

If you don’t have at your confirmed portfolio PLUGINS and/or themes with EXTENDED php-coded FUNCTIONALITY for WordPress - so you does not have enough skill&experience, if you use plugins as ACF or builders and can make only a simple CSS corrections of existed themes, if you trying to cheat with your skill level, if you want to do only what you want and don’t like to listen clients, if you do not respect deadlines and often delay your work, if emotions controls you and you often quit jobs when you can’t make something, if you don’t care about WP/php/coding standards, if you too lazy to do your primary job professionally, or if you too overloaded by your current long-term work so you can’t pay enough attention to my job – I will see it after 1-3 days and contract will be cancelled – so better for you just don’t respond here and pass to another jobs.

Professionals who interested only for money - my proposal is not about fast&easy money. If you are professional web-php-WP developer but prefers to do less and earn more – this job is not for you too. My proposal is about enthusiasm, coding passion, ambition to do something interesting-incredible-unique and long-term cooperation with big potential and huge money in the future.

Sorry, for telling a true about mass low-quality unprofessional trash workers at WP. It’s truly will be much better if most of you will sweep the streets.

I’am a very experienced and top-level certified programmer+architect+creator of a many complex projects but for Windows. Now I starting to create a several web-projects and WordPress & WooCommerce seem as a great possibility to run projects fast. But each such project needs a huge&deep improvement by coding-programming. So I am looking for an experienced and talented and enthusiastic WP-WooC full stack web-developer - for a modules-plugins coding, front-end developing, etc.

You get: Work at a top-notch software developing standards. I write a very detailed and highly devised jobs tech specs - it will save your time because you will no need to analyze business logic, no need to think through overall project architect, etc - you can start to code almost instantly! Working with me will add to your portfolio world-top unique projects! I leave in a poor country and for now I can pay at rate e1500/month, but if you will work very good (fast, high-quality, with minimal bugs, without delays, etc) - after my project will start and gain some profit - I will be glad to give you a huge bonus up to +100% of previous salary! I am an honest person and I am responsible for my words, you will be insuring in this when you will see my projects. If this salary is not enough for you - you can work half of month for me, half of moth for another employer who pays more, also I will compensate this difference later as I say previously. Also later I will need a permanent full time developer on a constant high salary for all those projects growth. For non-proprietary parts of my projects we can release a widely distributed payable plugins with 50/50% profit sharing which will also bring x2-10 times more earnings to you!

Before start I will give you 2 simple test jobs – they do not require giving any code from you to me, but they are absolutely necessary for a first job implementation. So if you will not complete test jobs – you just can’t continue overall work. Each job must take not much then 1 day. Compared to the potential that I offer, it’s a very small thing and just needed to complete a first work.

  1. WooCommerce functionality extending by a new plugins.
  2. WordPress theme deep re-work with adding new functional modules, all templates as posts archives, products grids, etc re-styling, etc.

If you are interesting:
a) Show your WP-plugins portfolio with info - what you make, why it’s cool, etc?
b) How much time do you have for my jobs now?
c) Do you have your own website?
d) Swear that at work you will not delay, you will not quit, you will not make poor excuses, etc.
e) Short CV about yourself - where do you live, how old are you, etc?

Will be glad to cooperate with a really professional and enthusiastic WP full stack developer!

This is the “partial” definition of professionalism. :slight_smile: I believe there’re lots of good developers in Russia those can be hired within your requirements but anyway, good luck!

Such factor only show that you don’t like your job or you don’t like to work anyway - so you not more then half from a professionals who love they work… you are not creator, you just a one more worker.

And at Russia/Ukraine/Belarus there are a very few a really professional programmers for WP and all of them works on they own projects, 99% is a unprofessional lazybones. (But in terms of “get what client want” most of Russian lazybones deliver the same unacceptable result as your allegedly “professional EnvatoStudio” - because between “don’t know how to work” (most Russian and Indian freelancers) and “work but without the desire to make all with high quality and satisfy the client” (east-europe and EnvatoStudio) - is no big difference - both results is unacceptable trash!)

Wow update.