Unhelpful Support

Hello all and happy new year!

I got two files hard DISABLED (not rejected). It was written that i need to submit proof video recording of a project file playing the track. I have no problem in doing this and i recorded both music tracks playing in my project file in Cubase. And as asked sent the letter to support at envato.com
Unfortunatelly i got a standart email reply that he can not help me because he is not assisting on rejected items. But i was not asking to reevalutaion, i was simply sending my proof just like i was asked to…

Is there anybody who can help me on this matter to sort these tings asap? I don’t want none of my files to be on hold. I have thousands of music tracks waiting to be uplaoded to audiojungle. I was a long term exclusive and best selling artist on other stock site, so i’m happy to finally become non-exclusive and get a chance to upload all of my portfolio here on Audiojungle.

Looking forward to a great ride here :slight_smile: