Unhappy custumer with deleted tracks

There was a post a few hours ago by one unhappy custumer that dowloaded a preview track on AJ and when he goes back to buy that track it was deleted and it happens other times. He also said that sometimes the track as its name changed too and couln’t find it.

I wonder how often this happen and its a loss for every one buyer, author and AJ.

What if, when a buyer is interested in one or several tracks but will not buy it that day, he would have a button to add the track to the favourites or wish list and the author receives a notification that his track is on wish list.
This way maybe the author will not remane or delete that track soon he knows there are some one willing to buy it.

This would be great for us as well as buyers who would not have to deal with the frustration of after testing the preview track and choosing it for the project, it’s no longer available to buy.

For the buyer to know what is this button for it could be next to download preview button and with name something like “Leave this track reserved”.


This is very good idea ! Hope some moderator will see this !

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Something like that is not this heart icon (favorites)?

Other thing about this icon would be is know how many people push this button.


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Hmm… And can you find tracks which you like (heart button) ?

Yes, it is in https://audiojungle.net/favorites
However when buyer adds a track to favourites we authors don’t receive any notification. And even if we receive a notification we don’t know if it’s a buyer willing to buy or just a fellow author who likes the track.

To be more effective could be a button added next to download preview button and with name something like “Leave this track reserved” or “Mark as Wanted Track”.


I think that this is a very useful function (receiving notifications for the author’s email, for favorite tracks). This is certainly necessary to introduce. Just as we receive notifications on email about replies from the forum. Here, by default. :point_down:

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Would be great something like one of these.

And when buyer clicks on that button the author receives a notification that there is a buyer interested in that particular track and also the buyer gets that track saved in his “wanted tracks” folder where he can get back later to buy.
Mark%20as%20wanted%20track Mark%20as%20wanted%20track%2002

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