unfortunately we found it isn't at the quality standard required to move forward

here is the video of project (https://youtu.be/31okIbmihXw),
can you give me feedbacks and what are drawbacks? is the quality cause this or when i had uploaded, i was upload incorrectly?
with regards envato forum

Hey, rejections suck…

But this one is definitely due to design and animation’s lacking quality.

In design, there’s no consistency and balance between styles or graphics, icons. By consistency I mean, let’s say all the graphics having the same rounding amount on corners, or the same style with just the right amount of details, or sticking just to one flat graphics style, without then randomly adding this totally out of place distortion - out animation. Then you need to have well together looking colors, and then use a font that nicely compliments your chosen graphics style, size of elements, their visual “weight” :smiley: This isn’t quite happening currently.
Then also spacing, for consistency every element should have the same amount of space in between or a proportional amount of space to other spaces… It’s like a system lol :smiley: not too much but also enough to give it room to “exist”. Now things either feel squished together or inconsistently spaced.

Basically, I think you need to put in more hours into designing, emulating real good designs from Behance, and then after many hours, executing all of the above-mentioned details will come naturally to you.

About animation it’s too rough, not very smooth, or “elegant”. You have some reaction animations going, but it needs quiteeeee some refinement. Work on your easing curves, check easing plugins, and also look at other to perfection eased animations by more experienced animators both on videohive and on behance. Then practice, practice and eventually, you should be able to move things much more smoothly.

Another thing is timing, some interactions as clicking the button feel to slow, or some reactions to actions happen way too quickly. It’s both a problem of incorrect timing and easing. Look at good UI animations, since you animated kinda UI elements. You’ll see how much quicker some things “activate”. Now everything feels sluggish.

Then after you have all the quality details dealt with think about what kind of project are you offering to the client. Is it unique from competitors? What kind of category is it in, what kind of style is it following? Does it provide enough quantity of animations/variety of them etc? I think currently your project is also lacking in this department.

So overall it’s only a few elements, in quite a random style - some elements have lots of unnecessary details, while others are much more minimal. Then combine it with poor execution quality both in design and animation and you have yourself a rejection :smiley: Cause there are much bigger backs with the same theme and better-executed style and animation.

Good luck!


thank you for your advices, give feedbacks and drawback about my project.
your speeches well be taken carefully and i will study and practice too much…

best regards

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