unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

I uploaded paypal express checkout php and i followed all quality measures and it is rejected…why?

That doesn’t sound particularly premium? Is there something unique about it that isn’t easily available elsewhere?

Demo link? Screenshots?

Ok if this is the case that it doesn’t sound premium then may be I am in the wrong palce to upload it here…as no one is selling this product on envanto so i thought i should sell it here

Doesn’t PayPal have their own express checkout that is free?

Why would someone pay to use yours over an official solution? What does yours do that their does not?

Yes they have but that are not ready to use…mine is ready to use only just need to change secret key

At a glance the official one seems pretty simple to implement plus has custom and deep integration with all of the major commerce providers and software.

It’s not an area I know that much about but you are definitely going to be need to demonstrate very clearly how and why yours is worth choosing over their own options, and that you can compete on an analytics and integration level

Thanks @charlie4282 for your answer and that is why i told you may be i am in a wrong place to sell this…lol…anyways I will try to create some more unique script