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Hello! I am a recent member of Envato, I have been denied work. Please help me sort out the flaws in order to fix the errors? I will be grateful for the detailed answer! Attached a link to his work in the message.

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What is it that you’re trying to sell? The linked video honestly doesn’t really seem like much of a template for anything.

It’s too static. For seconds you’re showing the same shot with just the video changing… Make it fast like stomp with more scenes and unique transitions + text placeholders + logo placeholder at the end and you should be good. As the design of this and the animation itself is pretty good as is :wink:

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Hi guys, well it is interesting to ask. There is a footage within this guys template. Is it possible to use it, even if it is not shot by AE item author?

Why not. If the videos are licensed, they can be used. But only for previews. The project must be empty.

Thanks again! You helped me a lot!

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Hello! All videos used in the preview are authorized for use in accordance with CC BY

I do not produce AE projects. But i build websites. Imagine that i made nice website with video in the main banner. And lets say for it i just use some of preview from Videohive? Would it work? Or do i have buy license (and which one) in the end buyer will buy only my WP template with demo data with watermarked footage and explanation on how to obtain the watermark free version and upload it by himself.

Thanks in advance for answers.

I’m not an expert on ThemeForest, so I can be wrong, but I think you can not include any files with watermarks. And I do not know how it works in WP themes, but in the AE projects it’s enough just to leave an empty “precomposition”. Client will get the file by the link in the description, or through a text help-document, imports the file into the project, and puts it into the necessary precmoposition

Yes its almost identical way as you mentioned for AE. You just include “empty” composition in final ZIP . But on your own item preview. Can you use videofiles with watermark from other authors? At least this works with audiojungle files.

Ou. If you mean preview, then yes. Sometimes I use another author’s videos for preview of my projects. Also I leave the links in description