Unfollow everyone at once?

Only now I’ve really realized the purpose of that box on the homepage. Problem is I’m following way too many people for it be of any use. So is there anyway to unfollow everyone at once? Maybe a script or something?

That’s mean… :slight_smile: How many people are you following?

Stylius said

That’s mean… :slight_smile: How many people are you following?

Maybe 500

It is sorta mean but audiojungle and photodune author’s items fill up that box.

Go one by one! It’ll be fun. :wink:

And then you’ll find which ones you still want to keep as well :slight_smile:

Stylius said

That’s mean… :slight_smile: How many people are you following?

+1 :wink:

-I’d write you a script, but all I can come up with at the moment is a greasemonkey script that keeps refreshing your profile page and visiting the unfollow-link of the first one on there… I’ll try and cook something else up, and if I don’t think of something soon I’ll write it out :stuck_out_tongue: Shucks to have to make a thousand server requests though… Perhaps a delay to spread the load and not make your ISP think you’re DoS’ing ;)-

Or is there a dev around that wants to just clear the row in the dbase? :wink:

-EDIT: Dangit, it’s actually a post request now, not just visiting a link :expressionless: (as you might’ve noticed, I got started on the GM script xD)-

-EDIT2: Double dangit - authenticity tokens. Seems like we’d have to scrape that off each profile page before sending the unfollow requests… I guess I’m gonna hold off on this one for a minute, perhaps someone has a more elegant solution ;)-

EDIT3: Hmm, it seems the unique token isn’t as unique as I thought it was. Contact me on skype, graphicmind? (Or an email via my profile for initial contact?)

EDIT4: I just auto-unfollowed a bunch of people. Whoops! Now to push the dial to full scale… :stuck_out_tongue: Sent you an email. If it works out properly for you I’ll post the snippit on here.

EDIT5: All right, for the sake of not being “denvercoder9”:http://xkcd.com/979/ I’ll post the snippit here. If you want to use it, let me know if you need any help turning it into a Greasemonkey script. Please, use it for good, not evil.

var token = document.getElementsByName('csrf-token')[0];
var links = document.getElementsByClassName('following')[0].getElementsByClassName('avatar');
for(a in links) {
		method: "post",
		url: links[a] + "/unfollow",
		headers: { "Content-type" : "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" },
		data: "utf8="+encodeURIComponent("✓")+"&authenticity_token="+encodeURIComponent(token.content),
if (links.length == 9)
	setTimeout("location.reload(true);", 4000);
graphicmind said

Maybe 500

I’m afraid you will have to make a new account. ^ ^

Just make a rule. For example - unfollow two authors every day. In a year you are done :smiley:

Check my profile, thanks to Joost who made a script!