Unfold child theme


I am new here and also a really beginner in wordpress. So I am a dummy :wink:

I want to by the theme Unfold because they told me it is easy to use for dummy’s like me.

But, Is it correct that there is already a prepared child theme in het the Unfold, so that I don’t have to make one by myself?
I just have to upload the theme unfold to my wordpress dashboard and then select child theme to start make it my one? is it that simpel or do I have to do something else first?

Please I hope you can help me, and I know this are simpel questions but for me its a new world I really want to learn about :slight_smile:
thanks for your time.

greetings miss blues ky

Hi @missbluesky,

Welcome to the forums! I’m afraid we can’t answer these questions here, on general forums :slight_smile: You would need to contact theme author, however I can’t find such theme on ThemeForest. If somehow you are still able to purchase the theme on ThemeForest, here’s how to contact its’ author:


Thank you Luca,

It is for sure a theme forest theme, but I see that I wrote it wrong :confused:
It is Enfold…

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