Unfair behavior by Envato reviewer

I had developed Youtube video downloader script and submitted 10 days ago. 3 days ago I received e-mail from Envato. And my item rejected.

from e-mail:

We can’t approve items that violate YouTube’s terms of service.


But 3 different script have Youtube download feature and violate YouTube’s terms of service. How Envato team approved these items? Why my item rejected?

I contacted with Envato support team 3 days ago. But I didn’t receive any respond yet.

First of all, you’re for sure not the only one contacting the envato support. As second, it could be that they changed to decline all violating items maybe? So, they haven’t noticed so far for other items and this could be the reason why other items are still there.

But you could report the other items for violation.

Just hold on for the answer of envato. It will come for sure.

Cheers, eliteCode

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How can I report items?

It’s maybe unfair that they approved the other items… it’s definitely not unfair that they didn’t approve yours.

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Past 6 days but I didn’t receive any reply from Envato.