Unfair approval process. Why ?

Hi !
Dear Autore of Videohive. This is a big problem for everyone of Us. We spend a lot of time doing our products but in result a big pice of profit we pay to Envato. Thats why I think Envato have to support all of us symmetrically as we are support Envato doing our work.

Everybody feel the problems with approving time. You agree with me ? But nobody can do nothing to resolve this problem.

I ask Envato - WHY ? Why are you creating queue in the place where can be everething clear ?
I try to chek something with this problem. And what I see? I understand that approval is not everyday process. Moderators are doing it - time to time without real reason. In result they approve many projects in one day and many works of many Autors go away from main Videohive page for 1 - 2 hours BUT LAST OF THEM STAY THERE 1 WEEK !!!

It’s incredible! But it is a fact! Just look on screenshors!
In this case sales for some autors are minimal (because sales good only those days when your work in on main page)
But for some realy nice. And it’s not fair!

Besides that Envato dont give the tools to promote the work - Now its even took the last chance to get the visibility of the audience. Why ? You realy have no money to pay 10 people for fast and clear approval process ??? Or you don’t want to care about Authors who bring you money?

Who is responsible for this. Do we have a chance to see his face ?
Im 4 years with Envato and like Buyer and like the Author. I win some сompetitions and so on. Finally I dont feel that company - partner that takes 50% of profit doing something for me.
Pirates published my project in pirates website. Do you know what Envato answer me?
Write them Yourself - You are the Author … I’m really disappointed with all this situations.
But now look on screenshorts - This work was created 21 october.

Now is 26 october. But it still on the main page!!!

One of my works 2 days before was on the main page 5 hours maximum and then gone …

Why some works hang 5 days and the other 5 hours ?

I know why !!! Because nobody dont make approval process this 5 days. And other Author are waiting and stressed and dont upload new works! This is really not very good!

If You check Forum You will see that this is the hottest problem EVER in Envato platform.

All this years I believed in Envato. Work hard! Buy a lot of things. Spend all my earned money back!
Now I want Envato Belive in me! I want to be future autor! I want to be hand picked by the Envato team, I want to be top 5 Autors!

Why ?

Because my works are realy Amazing, Innovative and Modern and super HQ.

Im there not about money! For me its way of realisation of my talents. I want to reach my auditory.

But Envato staff doing everething besides to help me and all another talanted people who come to make masterpice but not just money! Its now way for growth … No instruments even for editing descriptions of our works… And we have limitation in 3 GB for one work in the age of 4K when googe drive for free 15GB to everyone!

Envato! Is somebody there ?

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While no one will deny there are of course things that could be improved, th eway it works is the best option and unavoidable.

Surely this would go against your own argument ie. more reviewers = more approvals = less time on the home page?

Envato have no control over who submits work, to what standard and when. If there is a influx is great files or many weaker ones which will impact the queue and homepage exposure is beyond their control.

The alternative would be for envato to stagger release but then the review queue and release queue would increase hugely and cause more frustration from that.

I don’t know much about the video market but can’t think of any other marketplace which actively promotes or provides any tools to help authors market their files?

[quote="RebornStudio, post:1, topic:70675"] Pirates published my project in pirates website. Do you know what Envato answer me? Write them Yourself - You are the Author .... I'm really disappointed with all this situations. [/quote]

I hugely share the frustration on this point hwoever legally envato are not the copyright holder and it is only the author who can submit claims. For what it’s worth envato do their best to help combat these sites but there is only so much that anyone can do and this is far from exclusively a problem here.

At the end of the day envato will never be able to please everyone. If you have a solution or examples of sites that operate in such a way that would allow evenly fair a mounts of time on the home page, that can continue to review in a timely manner or actively control piracy ten I am certain envato would want to hear about it.

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First of all, I want justice and balance.
And balance will make the same time on the main page real. This means that those who are hanging 5 days will hang 20 hours and those who are hanging 5 hours will hang 20. All too honest!

Im a long time author and I spen a lot of time reserching how market works. Tooday I know how it working not in theory but in real. (Just for Videohive) I calculated all approved works for 1 month and I can tell you that totaly speed of ading new works are the same monthly. (AE projects - not footages) It mean that its easy to calculate how many moderators need to check all in real time !!! Not by 2 weeks ! I have screenshort of my work that was aproved 19 days !!!
Every businessman knows that he need back money to business. Envato not an exception. Thay have to take so much people for work with approval process as business need. Now its wrong. Thats why I can find and show hundreds of REALY GREAT Author profiles who stop working to this market. It’s a sign. What the body is not healthy races of its cells die. Cause unique operating strategy - to do bad quality products that more that better. I name it Spam. The main thing to be kept in the main with a new low-quality product. I dont want go this way. Every my prouct I make around 1 month. Some of them more.

Maybe I don’t right and need to start make every day some [mod: removed - please don’t use inappropriate words] just to sell it to stupid people and be happy ?

No thanks ) I will never go this way!

There are a lot of examples in different directions.
Facebook gives you to push post for money inside community.
In Youtube you can buy video advertising inside other vide or before it.
Booking com pay for google advertising of all hotels from their platform.
In promodj.com You can buy a lot of different promotion not just on main page.
There are thousands of examples tooday not stone age.

Yes I have a lot of solutions and I know how to do it better. But i can discuss it with Founders not with their workers who keep all this problems unsolved! Any day - any time Im ready for conversation.

In additionI am a real inventor) I have a completely unique projects which have no analogues in the world. I really smart and brilliant as not strange. For example http://neuroheadphones.com

I like Envato - it’s my hobby … But I can not watch the injustice. It’s my nature. I want to make it better! Sorry )

If you have solutions then you should ge tin touch with support who will be able to direct you to the right people at envato.

Good joke but not funny. I will write on facebook of Founder than in the form of support )) If I will need.

You overrate that home page.
And this is a MARKET. Where people BUY and people SELL. Most of people come here to earn money. And buyers come here not for inspiration, but for tools for their purposes and here market rules are working. I have items which have good sales for a year now and as you Understand this item isn’t at a home page long ago =)

If you want to reach your audience - there are behance, dribbble, etc.
Home page may give you not so much sales as you think. Because most of buyers come here on purpose, they know what they need.

All other cases are minority which don’t make real situation clear.

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I just tried to think what will happen if for example we will have few spots on main page where authors can buy for higher bid an advertisement for their project and don’t see how this helps with fairness. Some people here are to make extra money so surely I don’t think they will be glad to pay for more advertisement.

Yet I agree that times on main page give some boost to sales but I don’t see how this can be managed. But, if you saying this is your hobby, why bother at all, and if you want to reach more audience, I think to give away your projects for free using youtube is far more effective.

As for fairness of review, there can be no fair process with differences in authors skill, project size and the fact that there is no criteria for what will or will be not accepted.

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This happening on Graphicriver also. In presentation category, first - 7 days without new items and then tons of approval in a short time. Maybe the reason is - Envato don’t control their reviewers or maybe more complicated… don’t know, but it is frustrating when you work hard for month to do something great and it is going directly on second page


I have been long time with envato I have seen lots of changes in videohive since i was joined

due to significant increase no of authors in videohive there is flood of new projects in front of the reviewers. What I see from reviewer perspective is one day there is only 10 files uploaded for review may be on second day they more than 100 files to review in front of them. and while there are lots of technical issues that can delay their work review process.

Yeah what differentiate videohive from other market places is front page exposure there are lots of buyers looking always for fresh designs instead of digging into the lakh of projects. so we are missing those sales because our files are not seen by those buyers. secondary even lots of my project even though i tried with my file names or tags that i have used in search engine that is bad thing always going on.

and also front page exposure always gives advertisement not only for my new projects even my old projects. Whenever I upload a project I always expect some sales of my other projects even though that uploaded project does not get more sales, in that ratio of people digging into our old projects is decreasing

My first advice to the authors with some projects in their portfolio is try to do wow with your new projects if your project is good enough then it automatically in front of buyers

I Think he is asking for consistency over review process. My last two projects even dont have 50 views in front page
and then it is right now 2 to 3 views per day. so its signifantly effected my sales this month even though i have uploaded two projects i just got half of last month earnings its a worst month for me this year

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You have realy nice works but I didnt find good sales )) maximum 268 for 1 year. But its not too much. I see good sales is around 5000 - 6000 for one year. This is real Goal. I agree that main page is not the only reason and quality and category are important too. But to start you sales you need to rich some results to go to the top of search machine of envato. And this is - sales, comments and rating and tranding. If you work are realy Epic you will get this in first days and then yoiu will be more visible in next days. Its like crash test for product. After first page you understand how it will be.

Look we dont need to open America ) Tooday is a lot of great examples how it can be. I do not only criticize approval process, I give real solutions.

  1. Take full time office workers who will every day and night (from different time zones ) check new projects. This will give more not just for Authors but for Envato too. More aprooved for 1 day = more sales = more new projects. More motivation to Autors. And personaly for me is strange when somebody with stupid LOFI works reject my masterpice ))) Just because he dont like it. I want my works before approving on market open not other autors but people who is mot my concurent! Simple full time modarators. This is not free service. Envato earn Billions on Us and have to spend it back! This is general low of busines ) As we know…

  2. I have Idea how to make rotation on Main Page. Envato have to make script that gives the same time to all uploaded project for 1 month. Its easy to calculate in automate midle time for each project if we have 2 parametrs - 1. How many project is uploaded and how many places for rotation.
    It mean - if no new project approoved on this week (like now) we start rotate previous projects from week before and so on. But not looking on the same projects one week ))) Like now.

Thanks for support Bro )

You have a realy nice project. I think 1 week on main page and you will have hundeds of sales.

Anyway many thanks guys for your Ideas and observations. I belive Envato will see this topic and try to do something to make it better ) Thank You All !

this one I like, but judging from current state of things no one really bothers with this cause as the saying goes - casino wins anyway.

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those 5-6k are ‘awesome’, ‘top’, etc sales. Not just ‘good’ =)

Having stable average sales for 1 item during long time after first 2-3 months - with no exposure in Popular Files or Featured Item, I think this is good.
Because most of items ‘die’ after first 20-30 sales in first 1-2 months.
I see that you are aiming to the tops here, this is good. But, all of them have different stories of success. Somebody got their elite badge in 9 months, smbdy worked years to achieve this top. Believe me, If your item will be really good, with large target audience - it would have sales. All that you wrote is legit for average and low than average items, which will die after 20-30 sales.

HI dreamyard_visuals

Reborn studio is making a good point some times even you did a great work due to lack of exposure of that file it will be in dark room. there should be lots of changes that envato need to change in their reviewal process
for example priory projects that need to be reviewed in timely manner. for example if you upload a halloween project thinking of it takes two days to approve and its approved after 7 days which is after the halloween there is no use of that project anymore just waste of hardwork. and next year it will be faded away.let me know one thing if you dont know or assume when your project will be approved then how can you upload before the date that needs to be approved. last year i have seen a christmas project some one got the same situation. I just forgot who is the author is


We all share your concerns … but this is a market place ! envato are not responsible to promote the works of authors … they are even not responsible how you format your item description and you have to be a bit experience in HTML. From this we should note that it is not their responsibility. BUT, they are doing their best to promote when there is a chance to do it. Now if you feel they are taking too much from shared revenue, especially when items are sold in USA and subject to taxes, this is a real big problem compared to the hard work and lot of dedicated time.
I do not agree with someone who stated that people don’t get to envato for inspiration ! I sepnt the first year visiting envato, especially videohive and audiojungle only to get inspired and see the wonderful works of others. Your envato profile acts as one of your strongest portfolios ! Items are not easily approved and they must be of very high aesthetic quality… thanks to the professional reviewers … For me it is really enough to get an item approved even if it makes 0 sales for 100 years ! So cheer up you have lot of items approved which should make you really proud and go on creating your own website and your own business using your strong videohive portfolio !

Good Luck bro !

I think we started from the wrong point. We came to Envato accepting their rules. So authors should analyze and plan their schedule of project revealing according to info from market quality, forums and other open sources. So as for any holidays templates - there is no problem at all, it should be ready for approve not later then a month before holiday - so even a 10 days approval won’t be real problem. And Lots of customers buy such templates 1-1.5 months before the holiday.

I understand that somebody can have problems with such things and Claim some better conditions for them.
I’m not from that part, I know that more efficient is to analyze market, conditions, etc. to create right things in a right time.

Funny, we come to envato to work as motion designers, graphic designers, but in the end we need to know seo, promotion, become a tax consultant, copyright ninjas and else, and for that we agree to share 50% of profit with envato (I don’t buy this thing with price for buyer and initial price, it all looks as double tax for me - wich as I remember against the law but never mind) and when someone express some lets call it dissatisfaction in some moments they always get stuck in dialog when someone says that is all is ok and no need to change anything. My point is that there is always a way to make things better, and it is in authors hands to push this changes since, well, it is we who generate profit, and if authors want some changes maybe it is just logical to hear their opinion and initiate big discussion. The main problem is there is to much authors and most of them don’t even think about that things can be changed, if there was only 10 for example they could push their terms and if this terms don’t met switch to another marketplace. And if some people leaving this marketplace for others than it is clearly indicate that there is a need to change some things.

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Man, I just think about how to Increase my Total Income. And this is a business, we are not hired employees. It’s a business and we should think and act as businessmen. You can’t avoid market rules.

If I have growing income, why should I leave this place, because of somebody’s failure?

I agree that sometimes some things should be changed. But this specific topic isn’t worth it. Most of my items get real sales in few days after approval, they can stay with 0-1 sales for a time, but then get more and more sales.

DigitalT1ger You absolutly right !
Because Envato is not marketplace - this is Community of Authors. And its we are produse the market with our hard work. And if one day somebody make better place with better conditions all thousends of Authors go away and Envato will get nothing. There are a lot examples and stories of big and successful projects that go away because didnt hear their community. Like Yahoo or BlackBerry. There fore I think we are doing a great Job helping Envato to understand our needs and now Envato need to hear Us and start doing changes.

We are not talking about market rules, we talking about average time on main page for items. You talking about your good income but this in not point of this discussion, the point is as I think that every item that uploaded gets same time on main page as others that is all. If you think that is not thing that need to be addressed tell me for example which topic is worth discussion. And as I can see you hardly understand what I tried to say in previous post about authors who leaving, stop making it about yourself.

And if understand correctly, I use this marketplace so I can avoid marketing, seo and such and have access to big list of customers. If I want to be a businessman than I think I would start little design agency.

So what topic is worth discussions and changings if this one not, for example?

Marketplace is down again, second time in two weeks, speaking in terms of business I am loosing money right now cause my items not selling and not available, but I am not compensated for lost of possible income. So there is a lot of things that need to be changed and it is time for authors to start push some ideas forward.

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