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Hi guys! What’s wrong here? Cause (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard. Is it really so bad?


First thought — the bass drum is too pressing. Also I would advise to change the harmony in the repeating background part which goes from the first second till the end.


The first thing i noticed is that the low end is very muddy. May i suggest you cut the low frequencies on all the instruments except for bass and kick, i mean nothing radical like a low cut, a slight low shelf at around 100Hz. Plus you can try making everything below 128Hz mono to let all the other instruments through. A good idea is to use a mid-side EQ to cut the lows from the sides. And as @NVolkov already mention the bass drum is a bit too pressing. I wouldn’t say the song is too repetitive for background purposes.


Very cool chords progression. But i think that you need to add some melodic lines. Because I listen 46 sec, but there is no melody. That’s why track is boring. Also you need to mix it better. Hope it helps you! Good luck!


Hello brother,
Yes, the low end is so muddy. Your sound is cool.
Maybe you can make a simple theme melody for repeating. It’s hard to memorize your melody.
Your chord progression is cool too. But maybe it is too far for commercial video. Because the clients of OUR CLIENTS are normal people. They love something simple, beautiful, easy-listening.
Hope it help you some.
Good luck brother. :grinning:
Ps: I have rejected some tracks to know the market demand.


I agree with @LuckyBlackCat, deffinetly you need to add some interesting melody and better mix.



Thank, guys! I’ll work more on that.


Hello, Nice to meet you.
If listened your song and have the same opinion like mentioned here before. The Piano in the Main-Brake is to muddy and has to much bass in the sides. In this case i would prefer a High Pass Filter (M/S LInked Stereo) at 200HZ.
Likewise i think its a great sensitive artwork but might to far from commercial video.

Patrick, Berlin


The kick drum is a bit cheap sounding, it has an annoying clicky top end and the low end is a bit boomy.

I like your composition though, it’s relaxing and pleasant.

I think the cheesy vocal choir pad is also a problem, it sounds dated and cheap. Nothing wrong with the notes the pad is playing, just try a different sound next time.