Unexpected Rejection

Dear Good People,

I hope you and your family safe and healthy. be safe and stay clean.

In this post I would need your valuable reply because my latest submission for lower thirds has been rejected which really hurt me and I unable to figure out what was the point of fact for rejection.

Expecting valuable reply from @MotionRevolver @placdarms as you are respectively from Envato review team.

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Best regards
Rijan Sahama

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I cannot say that your project is bad. But ask yourself a question: What’s the difference between my project and hundreds of similar projects on the market? Answer: nothing. This is the reason of rejection, I think

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Lack of originality is the reason. Can’t you see hundreds of 90-80% the same looking projects on the market and then you’re like wow how come it got rejected :smiley: Cmon


@RS_FxMedia Sorry, the review staff cannot respond to critique requests. If you would like a more in-depth explanation on your rejection, you may contact Envato Support. However, your question has already been answered by @Atamotion’s response above.

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thank you for your complement, you are very right brother, thank you for your time and reply to my post…

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yeah u r absolutely right, I’ll try to unique author, thank you so much for your time…

Very happy to see ur very valuable reply, I understood right after my another project got approved as the point above is absolutely correct.