'Unexpected error please contact support' Status of resubmitted item.




One time soft rejected item i have resubmitted but now item status is ‘Unexpected error please contact support’. i have opened ticket for that concern but not reply from 4 days.

Anyone have experience for this kind of status.


Hey SuPraTech,

Fear not. I’ve found your ticket and can confirm it’s currently assigned to our Dev Team for further investigation.

Although I can’t give you an ETA, I promise we’ll be with you as quickly as possible :slight_smile:



Thanks for Quick reply…


Same here for 5 days!



finally got me following reply from review team also my item is accepted.

This message indicates that a bug in the system prevented your submission from being proofed by reviewers. Often, this is just caused by a temporary and reviewers can go back to it and eventually complete the proofing process without any impact other than a slight delay. It seems to be what happened here, as your submission now seems to have been successfully approved.

I believe the issue can now be considered resolved but please do let us know if that’s not the case and accept our apology for the inconvenience.