Unexpected Audiojungle success helps ElevateAudio sell music full time: An Interview



Hello guys!

Just wanted to share with you an amazing interview that we have done to Avery & Will, known here as @ElevateAudio. They have a very interesting story and some amazing insights to share! We really enjoyed reading it. You can find it here: ElevateAudio Interview

Thank you very much to both of you, it has been a pleasure! :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy it.


We really enjoyed this interview, thanks for asking us Pablo & Fernando @SnailMusic . We spilled a lot of the emotional roller coaster of the past 2 years, as well as practical ideas for other authors.

If anyone has any questions, we’re here to answer. :slight_smile:


Nice interview. Really enjoyed the read. Congrats on being full-time authors on AJ!


Oh, finally i can browse your website @SnailMusic, always was offline for me yet…
Will check it out now :slight_smile:


Very interesting and enlightening interview @SnailMusic. Thank you @ElevateAudio for sharing your story with the community. I really appreciate your suggestions and words of encouragement regarding this business. :thumbsup:


Thanks @SnailMusic and congratulations @ElevateAudio! Great read… your love of music really shines through and some excellent tips in there as well. We appreciate you sharing your story with us!


Very glad you like it @SunChannelMusic @RoolenAudio @MidnightSnap @Acoustic_Electric_Ci :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Thank you!


@ElevateAudio good luck guys on getting Elite soon! it’s easy to make something great with two pair of ears :slight_smile: @SnailMusic nice interview, Congratulations! :wink:


Great interview! Thanks guys :clap:


really great read. thanks @SnailMusic and @ElevateAudio for this!


Thanks for an interview! Hope to see you elite soon! :slight_smile:


This is a very helpful interview. Good job guys…


Good read! Thanks for posting @SnailMusic and @ElevateAudio!


Great Interview @SnailMusic, really enjoy it. Congrats to @ElevateAudio too, nice story by the way :smiley:


Nice interview @ElevateAudio. I enjoyed reading it. Best wishes for continued success!


Nice interview @SnailMusic :+1:! Well done guys @ElevateAudio :muscle:! I wish you a lot of inspiration in creating your projects!


Thanks for everyone’s feedback so far. It’s awesome to share with you guys. :slight_smile:


@ElevateAudio great interview and advice. Thanks for all the useful info! :grinning:


@ElevateAudio really felt inspired reading this guys… Sometimes I lose a bit of focus when sales are a bit slow, and reading a success story like this is a massive motivation to keep going!


We’re very happy to be able to do these interviews and inspire other authors when they read some success stories! :slight_smile: Thank you all for reading.