Unethical author ArifursDev on plugin "WordPress Password Maintenance"

We are a 25-year-old reputable agency in Los Angeles and have been a member purchasing software from Envato since 2009. Recently, we bought a plugin, “WordPress Password Maintenance,” that did n ot work and generated fatal errors closing the site down. (WordPress Password Maintenance by ArifursDev | CodeCanyon) ArifursDev refuses to give a refund, $25, for the plugin that does not work. That is unfortunate and very unprofessional. Even though I provided the error code details and PHP snapshot he is implying I am a liar and wants a video — seriously? He has had only had 9 sales. Of the 5 comments, three are bad reviews with issues — one almost identical to mine, yet he claims there are no issues. He has taken my money and not provided any exchange for it, that makes the transaction a con.

ArifursDev should not be allowed to sell on Envato. I have been a member and purchasing software since 2009 bt will be much more cautious in the future and look elsewhere first.

$25 isn’t much, but it is an amateur and bad experience that reflects on Envato.

You can create a ticket to dispute the item and refund request.
Meanwhile, you can download and install this free version but next time when you’re about to purchase, read the comments/reviews first.

I’m pretty sure the problem is related to either PHP version ( as you’re on 8+, the plugin supports 7.1+ ) or the WordPress version ( even though it’s marked 6+, I think it’s around 5.4 )

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Thanks for the response ki-themes, but that is not the plugin in question and there is no free version. Also, the site is running PHP 7.4, not 8.x. We are a busy agency with no time to dispute the issue with that author over $25.

Thanks for your interest.

This is the free version and you can search for others on wordpress.org.

I’m not exactly sure about the problem but if you want to get it fixed for free, you need to contact the item author.

Thank you. I’m not sure what you mean by your comment. We have contacted the author but he is uncooperative. That’s the issue.

…and, that link for the free version is still not the correct plugin.

It’s different plugin