Undiscoverable content

I was looking for animation presets when i came across this 1000+ motion presets in the youtube.

I realized that it is sold under envato markets. I just wondering if it is also available in the envato elements because I have a subscription there. I tried searching but the exact thing couldn’t be found anywhere in the envato elements.

Really grateful for any future helps.

Hello! :slightly_smiling_face:
Not all items from the Envato Market are included on the Envato Elements. If you didn’t find this project on Envato Elements, then it is sold only on the Envato Market


Dear romlam,

Thank you so much for the reply. Then I can freely buy the content without having to worry that I might be wasting money.

Hello. This is a situation that happens at the initiative of the authors.

Authors do not want to sell their very large projects on Elements because it makes more profit than videohive elements.

However, it sells medium-sized and smaller projects on elements. This is all a matter of initiative.