Understanding the templates better

This is the first question for me.
now I want to build a web application with firebase, when I made some search about how to make a better theme with less effort, I found a (ready template) like this from ThemeForest website, but I don’t understand it enough.

my questions are:

  1. can I bind these templates with my firebase database and/or firebase storage.
  2. can I consider these templates instead of a web designer, in other words, it offers me just the structure and style of pages then I can customize it as I want.
  3. what should I know for customizing it if this option is available.

finally, it will be great if someone gives me more explanation about a (ready template) and some recommendations whether these templates are helpful and how far it can help me.

thank you very much.


You can ask any kind of question about your chosen item with that item author @themelooks as a comments

Hope they will reply to you and you will get the answer.


Hi @Amr_Joja

This is just an HTML5 Admin Template based on Bootstrap 4 and you need to know HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Bootstrap 4 to customize the template. Moreover, you could customize the template as you want.

Furthermore, as it’s an HTML template you will able to bind it with any database.

Best Regards,
ThemeLooks Team

Thanks very much, that’s what I was looking for!