under reviewed item not shown at profile.


I have uploaded one Business Card item, it was under review section from last 2 days. And today it was not there, but i do not got any email for approval & rejection. Its not in my profile & its not in my hidden items.

Do any one know what happened?

Thanks in advance.



hi, this is very unlike that u got reviewed anyway as two days in two shirt a while as of late, it globally teas around 8 days to get reviewed for most of GR things, so basically i would be greatly surprised that u could enjoy so much of a way faster review in your side … . I guess that it would not hurt for you to check all the same in the spam of your mailbox but as for me i just tend to believe that there maybe a technical issue and that the best thing for you to do is just to contact the help center , as it really looks like a technical issue rather than any other thing


More likely it has been rejected. Check out your spam folder.