Uncode Theme WP - Visual editor not working

maybe someone can help me. I made a WP site using UNCODE, It had a lot of CMS options for editing galleries and stuff, but in the last year when I tried to edit some content, the visual help doesn’t show. Only code. I managed to work with it, but now there are some gallery issues I can only fix with the visual editor. Anyone had this problem or know how could it be fixed?

you can contact with your purchase item author @undsgn hope they will helped.

You can use Gutenberg Block Editor.

I tried, but in Uncode they say as I bought the theme in Envato, due to Envato’s Policy, I only had 6 months of support and it already expired, so they won’t help me unless I buy a new license. I find this unfair because the product just stopped working without doing anything (in fact I found the problem after a long time I didn’t touch it). I think when you sell a theme, the minimum working should be guaranteed.

ooh sorry to hear about that.
You can use this free WordPress editor hope will helped!


I don’t know you are using the latest version or old version. I think if your website wordpress version and theme version all are uptodate then the issues can be solved. Also theme recommend plugins should to uptodate latest version.