UNCODE Author horrible service. No communications

We paid for extended support over 2 weeks ago. The author of UNCODE answered by saying get another theme. He had no interest in fixing his theme on the site. We have written to him several times and he refuses to help up… If this author sits around collecting fees for nothing, then you need to look into the service he is providing for the payment for support. We demand support for his theme, not a independent developer who is not responsible to fix this author’s theme problem,.


Presumably, the issue is something that support covers?

The author is one of the most respected power Elite authors on the marketplace and the item has a perfect rating.

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@envatoflarp9 where we replied to you? We don’t have contact from your account not in our Help Center, and not in the email…

Now, I speculate, if the problem is a compatibility that can’t be fixed with some extra plugins (there are over 40,000 only free plugins so it’s not possible to be compatible with all of them) it may be that you’ve been told that it can’t be fixed, but really we currently can’t find any contacts from your account.

@charlie4282 thank you for kindy support!