Unclear feedback on my track in review


I received an email from the quality team yesterday about 1 track I have in review. Their feedback was as follows:

“The preview must include, in full, any variations which are not simple cuts taken from the main track. Please update the preview.”

I read this guidance to say that I need to include variations that are not just cuts from the main track within the preview. However, there are no variations like this - I have only included shorter cuts from the main track as variations.

Therefore, I am not sure what I need to do to action this guideline and get the track approved.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?



i think what they are saying, and i might be wrong, is that they don’t want you to include any “short cuts” from the main track since they aren’t actual variations from the original track. It doesn’t seem they mind you having them in your mian file but they don’t seem to want you to have them in your preview. This is my best guess. Best of Luck!


I would just include every version you have in the preview. Its helpful for buyers also to hear whats included.