Unbelievable! New upload track did not see on the first page...

I changed two browsers, but I did not find the upload track on the first page.
I am in despair…
To confirm, new items will always appear in the newest category, but not for long due to the number of tracks released. As it is automated, this is not something we can prevent.

your last Ambient category Item I can see on first page when click on Music Packs=>Ambient

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Hey @zigro!

Yup, as @mgscoder mentioned, your pack is still the first item in the Music Packs/Ambient/Lounge category. It’s not a music track, but a pack, so don’t expect to find it in the single tracks catalog.

Best of luck with sales!


It can take some times to display first page for clearing cache(CDN). So, it will not display as soon as any Item will publish. It can take around 1 hour or some few hours. Thanks

I think it’s time for that to be over…
All right, good luck, everybody!